Automated system for the collection and  processing of machine  data

for CNC machines
DPA provides a reliable source of information for managing and deviation processing in real time

Scope of Applicability

  • Machining Process & Engineering Manufacture

  • Plastics Processing

  • Woodworking

  • Textile Manufacture



Production System Maintenance
  • Monitor Equipment State
  • Prologning Machine Lifetime
  • Stabilize work on technology
  • Control Operation Duration
  • See Emerging Problems and Solutions


Basis of order execution on time
  • Control Production
  • Predict Turnaround Time
  • Sustain Turnaround Time
  • Execute in Reasonable Time
  • Orders on Time


Product and Production Processes Improvement
  • Technology Debug
  • Technology Upload
  • Technology Control
  • Technology Comparison
  • Technology Observance

Functional modules of the system


Machine data collection

Make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. DPA collects and stores data from the connected equipment in a generalized and detailed form, as well as in the context of executable tasks

Up to 2000 parameters of the machine to monitor:

  • Tool Status (Production, Switched On, Switched Off)
  • Emergency Stop (Rack)
  • Machine Condition Monitoring
  • Control Program Information (Status, Name)
  • Information about the Position of Rotational Speed Correctors
  • Actual Spindle Speed and Feed
  • Control Programs Counter Values and Tool Cycles
  • Spindle Load (not supported by all models)
  • PLC Memory Cell Values


Visualization and Analysis

Important information for personnel is displayed in a clear from

19 journals, 39 reports, unlimited number of dashboards

The "Analytics" module clearly displays the structured monitoring data in graphical and tabular forms

Analytical data is available both in the form of reports and dashboards for critical indicator fast-tracking

The module allows to:

  • monitor machine exploitation
  • detect losses and their causes
  • optimize manufacturing processes and set up continuous production
  • register and respond to alarm events and CNC signals
  • predict and prevent emergencies
  • receive warnings about technology deviations

Control Program Library

Control Programs

Control programs can be transferred and loaded to the machine using DPA. Also control programs are stored in a single (common) library, taking into account versioning and access rights

The system can track the actually executed control programs on most CNC machines. It takes into account not only the name of the control program, the system controls the contents (body) of the control program, which was actually executed on the machine as well. Even though the control program was loaded by another method, bypassing the DPA, or taken from the archive on the machine.

The module allows to:

  • load and store control programs
  • manage versioning control programs
  • specify work centers and products for control programs
  • load the control program to the machine (the system monitors the machine state and does not allow interrupting the executed program)


Specification and Normative References

Control all operations executed on the tool equipment

Describe the processes in context of routes / stages / operations used in the production

Get all the necessary information to manage and control the production technological aspects

The module allows to:

  • configure manufacturing plans used in production
  • receive a design and technological documentation at each stage of production
  • accurately follow the technology in the process of production task execution
  • take into account norms, deviations and losses, scrap rate and other parameters in the context of technological operations


Control the duration of operations

The system allows to:

  • store duration standards for the production operation execution
  • form or adjust duration standards according to the production history
  • monitor compliance with the norms during the task performance;


Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) accounting and control

Schedule and Planned Maintenance control. Equipment proper use control. Accident and unscheduled repair statistics

Operator Automated Workstation


Messages, Signals, Deviation Processing

Signal generations and notifications by specified criteria or deviations

Notifications transmission to personnel and control the specialist reaction


Equipment Connection without CNC

Equipment can be connected to an unified system using available Ethernet ports and support for OPC, OPC UA, Euromap, MTconnect protocols for collecting production data. DPA can act as the client and server of these protocols

Equipment can be connected with standard controllers (OMRON, Siemens, Schneider, Beckhoff, etc.)

Our dealers produce upgrade using controllers for connection of non-CNC equipment to the network, as economically appropriate.

Vibration diagnostics

External vibration monitoring system can be connected to the DPA system to monitor processing and the equipment condition

Data Integration



Uniform environment for all productive groups

DPA is one of the most functional systems and all the necessary components for control CNC machines can be installed on the same equipment.

No additional equipment

Only the Ethernet network connection is required to connect the machine. The system is compatible with all popular CNC mashine types

Remote access from any device

The DPA interface is based on the HTML5 standard. No matter where you are, all you need to access the system is the browser and the Internet

Rapid Implementation

The modular system and the ready-made drivers are appropriate for almost any tool, and it allows integrating as soon as possible

Low Cost

Quick connect of tools and absence of additional equipment necessity minimize implementation costs

Flexibility and Universality

There are options for integrating virtually any tool, even though it does not have external connection interfaces

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