Версии и релизы


4.7.29 10.10.2019

Control programms: Fixed the error of binding the program to the corresponding time slot.

Reports: Reworked the "Plan-actual analysis" Analysis report form with AutoFilters instead of tables and with merged cells to allow normal filtering.

4.7.28 08.10.2019

Analytic: corrected display of data in analytic "Plan-actual analysis".

4.7.27 07.10.2019

Technologies: corrected table sorting, filter configuration. Added saving settings when navigating by sorted data.

4.7.26 07.10.2019

CP Comparison: Add display of all changes to the CP on the side scale to simplify navigation.

Dashboards: Corrected display of "Mnemonic diagram".

4.7.25 04.10.2019

Release Analysis: fixed failures in counter.

Operator 's AWS: optimized job downloads to AWS.

4.7.24 04.10.2019

Reports: Corrected submission of report "Machine group conditions (with downtime reasons)" by email.

Analytic: Added reasons for job deviations to "Plan-actual analysis".

Analytic: Corrected sorting in "Product line statistic".

4.7.23 03.10.2019

Operator 's AWS: corrected display of downtime notification for classification.

4.7.22 03.10.2019

Operator 's AWS: optimized AWS operation.

4.7.21 01.10.2019

Technologies: added the ability to remove equipment if it is contained in the current technology.

Notifications: made long message support when sent via SMS.

4.7.20 30.09.2019

Schedule: fixed bugs in schedule settings.

Reference books: corrected display of data when sorting.

4.7.19 30.09.2019

Operator 's AWS: the transfer of CP to the machine has been finalized.

3 options:

  1. Technology Task - Only the CP attached to the technology is shown.
  2. Task without technology - we show all CP from the control programs directory.
  3. Job with CP - show only this CP (this option is possible only when the CP is loaded through .xml files).

Journals: cleaned up user journals.

Analytics: Improved the display of release analysis data on the analytics "Workloads dynamic". At activation of check box "Release" we reflect on the chart "Accepted,"Rejected" and "Conditional fit"products.

4.7.18 26.09.2019

Analytics: made the first version of the report in excel for "Plan-actual Analysis".

4.7.17 26.09.2019

Operator WS: increased module performance.

Reference books: in the Reference books "Overtimes" ," Operation suspend reasons", "Downtime reasons, "Type of request" added the possibility to configure sorting for correct display on the operator 's WS.

Schedule: localize templates and schedules by language.

4.7.16 23.09.2019

Signals: reworked module operation logic.

4.7.15 20.09.2019

Analytics: Corrected display of data in Analytics "Complex dashboard by departments".

Analytics: Corrected rounding values in "Timeline", "Production chart", "Complex dashboard by departments", "Cycle Analysis".

Authorization: Fixed the display of more than one Windows authorization button.

Enterprise Structure : improved the procedure of equipment removal - when removing equipment we automatically delete the release journal.

Journals: "Technology" and "Operation" column added to "Control Program" journal.

Analytics: corrected display of titles in analytics "Production chart". We show the name of the equipment, CP and technology.

Reports: Added Technology Data to "Release of products" report.

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